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Projects nowadays have to be delivered faster and faster, while there is a shortage of the right personnel. Working quickly and efficiently is therefore becoming increasingly important. Pluggable installation is the perfect solution for this! Get rid of loose cables, welding caps and wire cutters. We do the preparatory work. And the customer? Plug and play.

The process.

Pluggable installation is an ideal, efficient solution. But what does such a process look like at DTC Elektro? We usually go through six steps. What those steps look like? Below they are explained one by one!

In order to get a clear picture of the project, the customer sends us a drawing of the house or building that he wants to have pluggable installed.
We work out the drawings digitally. From pluggable meter box and the WiFi point to the lighting and everything needed for a complete installation.
The customer can then make a choice regarding the desired finish & functionalities. We offer different packages.
During an appointment we go through the entire project and associated concept together. This way there are no misunderstandings and we are ready to go!
After approval, a (demo) home can be realized. We will supply all pluggable products for this! Completely plug and play proof.
Finally, we are ready to provide the project with the right, high-quality pluggable materials at the desired times.


Pluggable installation is all about efficiency. This saves time, given that the products are immediately ready for assembly. This automatically results in cost savings, as processing is faster. Modify? No problem, this solution is flexible. The failure costs are also considerably lower, because the preparatory work has already taken place. It is also a maintenance-free and environmentally friendly solution, because it results in less waste.



Environmentally friendly

Cost saving

Less failure costs




Not only do we take care of the products, but we also think along with you. We can even provide 2D drawings!

Why DTC Elektro?

We ensure availability and 100% delivery rate. Why do we think this is so important? Because nobody is waiting for a 95% delivery rate, since no home is ready in one go. Do you choose DTC Elektro? Then you choose 100%. And that goes for everything we do!

Our team is ready for you!

Curious about our working method, prices or entering into a partnership? Contact us!
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